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Now THIS is a BIG Pink Salmon!

A WORLD RECORD As A Matter Of Fact!

Here's What The Angler And Her Husband Had To Say About It:

Angler: Avis Pearson of Gamefishin.com
Photo By: Bruce Pearson of Gamefishin.com
Guide: Bob Hammond of Cascade Guide Service
Lure: No. 114 Dick Nite Spoon 50/50 Nickel/Brass

Fished the Skykomish River on Sat. Sept 22nd with Bob Hammond of Cascade Guide Service.

We were looking forward to a great day of fishing for Silvers and Pinks.

The weather was excellent and a perfect day to catch a world record humpy. We often head out on fishing trips in hopes of getting some great photos for our website gamefishin.com, but who would have thought that on this day Avis would end up with a world record pink salmon, 14.49 lbs, just shy of 14 1/2 pounds. It was an amazing fish!

Our lure of choice was a 50/50 Dick Nite on a diver. Avis was fishing with a Gloomis HS9000-BG GL3 fishing rod, 10 pound Trilene Big Game line and an Ambassadeur 6500-C3 reel.

This fish had it's way with Avis for about 30 minutes, but in the end Avis won and Humpzilla will now go down as not only a WA state record fish but also a World record fish!

Fish On!

Well, Congratulations Avis! You sure seem to know your way with fish! A 14.49 pound Salmon on 10 pound line!

This was such a big deal we had to make a special page on our website just for you!



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Dick Nite® Spoons have been around since before 1940 helping fishermen, fisherwomen, and fisherkids to enjoy Trout Fishing, Salmon Fishing, and Shad Fishing, just to mention a few of the species which have fallen to our fishing tackle! Four Salmon World Records have been set using our fishing lures, and at least one State record (Oregon - Shad) that we are aware of. Our fishing lures have been used for trout fishing for over 60 years for one reason - they work! Salmon fishermen have become dependant on our lures for their Coho (Silver Salmon) and Humpy (Pink Salmon) catches in the rivers of the Northwest.

We are very glad to have you visiting our site, and hope that you enjoy your time here! If you are a fishing tackle manufacturer, fisherman, or fishing tackle hobbiest who likes to make your own fishing tackle, you will be interested in our Fishermun's Lure-Coat® line of fishing tackle paints. Fishermun's Lure-Coat® is excellent for use on metal, plastic, wood, lead and foam fishing lures and tackle. Many large fishing tackle manufacturers use our paints, so it is also excellent for repairing those fishing lures in your tackle box that have been chipped, faded, or scratched and don't work quite right anymore! Again, enjoy your stay and tight lines!