Thanks Folks!

Since November of 1996 we've given away thousands of Dick Nite Spoons -
Actually somewhere around 15,000!

The time has come to end our drawing. We have had a lot of fun, we gave away a LOT of Dick Nite Spoons, and we have met a lot of great people! We will probably be starting up another drawing of some sort one of these days, but not for a while.

Congratulations to those who won! Sorry for those of you who didn't! If you would like to email us, feel free to use the link at the bottom of any of our pages - We love hearing from fisher-men, women and children!

If you came here from a link, we would be very grateful if you would notify the person who maintains that link of the demise of our drawing. Since we have nothing to do with the links, we cannot discontinue them.

Thanks again for stopping by and have a great time fishin' next time you go!


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